Principal’s Desk

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is health and wealth. A knowledgeable person enjoys respect everywhere. The only proper channel that empowers students with knowledge is education imparted by an educational institution. Education is an invaluable asset that can’t be stolen by the kings nor shared by the siblings. Education moulds, reforms and finetunes a person’s character. Education raises the individual to a higher level of awareness, understanding and kinship with all living things. It enlightens human beings; it is the thing that differentiates human beings from other creatures. Learning is a continuous process. Hard work always pays rich dividends. Hard work never goes unrewarded. It yields sweet fruits of success, glory and eternity. Imparting value Education is the prime objective of PVKN.  Govt. College, Chittoor. The college has the potential to face the Challenge of meeting the varied requirements of the students. This prestigious institution has got all the paraphernalia which provides an amicable and congenial atmosphere to achieve the targeted goals. The ultimate goal of Education system is to steer the individuals in the enlightened path towards perfect utopia (ideal World).

It is a pleasure to welcome the academicians and the students aspiring for academic excellence through this website. Indeed it is a memorable moment to cherish ever.

With best wishes
Dr. G. Ananda Reddy, M.Com., Ph.D.,